COD: Ghosts Double XP Weekend on PS4, Xbox One


Infinity Ward published a tweet within the last 15 minutes explaining when the next Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Weekend will be and it is for next-gen consoles. If you are picking up a Sony PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One at launch along with COD: Ghosts, then you can enjoy a Double XP Weekend starting November 29.

The tweet landed with the photo above that promotes the so-called “COD: Ghosts Next-Gen Double XP Launch Weekend”. It will run between 11/29 at 10AM PST and 12/02 again at 10AM PST, so be ready to gain a head start on the next-generation consoles.

Will you plan to take time off work or from school to gain a good start with COD: Ghosts on the PS4 or Xbox One? Some people will find this a crazy idea, but believe us when we say that the combination of a next-gen console with the new Call of Duty game will be a very hard thing to resist.

Leave a comment below with your plans for the next 2XP Weekend that starts Nov. 29 and if you will take part on PS4 or Xbox One.

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